NORSKE CORROSION & INSPECTION SERVICES LTD., bring you a completely free and multipurpose Coating and Conversion Calculator for the Windows Operating System. Built with a robust framework and an intuitive GUI, our coating calculator is one of the most advanced conversion calculators available to-date. With our conversion calculator you may convert from, to and back: Rate of Flow conversions, Mass conversions, Power/Light conversions, Byte conversions, Angle conversions, Pressure conversions, and much more! Download Now

You are also able to add new conversions directly into the calculator. Simply select the category your conversion belongs to, enter the Relationship and Offset of your conversion, and your conversion will be dynamically integrated into the program for you to use.

Besides the conversion calculator the program also includes a coating calculator where users can calculate Dry Film Thickness, Practical Coverage and find out important details like Corrected VS % and Loss %. Our program also allows you to save your coating projects with an extensively developed .coat file extension (allowing you to come back to your calculated values at a later date). Our coating calculator is waiting for you! Download this free program, and find how it can increase your productivity by a ten fold. Download Now

The minimum system requirements for our coating and conversion calculator are Windows XP, Vista or Windows 7, 32 MB RAM (256 MB recommended), a 300 MHz processor or higher and at least 5MB of free Space. We recently updated the program to version 1.1 with print functionality and updated graphics.